Vote of Confidence for Airport Ruling

Now that the dust has settled, we hope the citizens of Orange County will reflect on the really good news for air transportation that has occurred recently. The Board of Supervisors has allowed additional flights and three new carriers at the airport and authorized a new terminal with adequate parking. There may be new competition on some routes resulting in lower air fares.

The people of Santa Ana Heights have been given options that should please the majority in the noise-impacted area. Noise tests of AirCal's B737-300 and PSA's BAe-146 have been very favorable and the airport, now meeting state noise standards, will become an even better neighbor through additional noise reductions.

The Board of Supervisors is to be commended for its thoughtful consideration of all interests, and it has agreed to look for an alternate site for future growth.

We are hopeful that those not 100% satisfied will stand aside and let an airport be developed that will be a credit to the county. This is indeed the course that is in the public interest.


Executive Director,

Community Airport Council

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