Electrronic Future Set at Japan Expo

Japan's fascination with high technology will reach fever pitch March 17 when the Tsukuba Expo '85, the International Exposition at Tsukuba City 31 miles north of Tokyo opens. It's a huge display of futuristic electronic gadgetry.

Prime attractions will include a TV screen as tall as an eight-story building and a 30-foot tomato tree grown by researchers using light-absorbent optical fibers. Then there's a bullet train that floats on a cushion of electromagnetic force, that visitors can ride.

The exhibit runs through Sept. 16. Admission is $10 for adults, $5 for ages 15-22 and $2.50 ages 4-14.

Among scores of exhibitors will be a U. S. demonstration of super-computers that foreshadow machines with a capacity for inference and logic.

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