House, at Reagan Request, Will Send Group to Geneva

Associated Press

In a reversal, the House will send a delegation of six to eight members to Geneva for the opening of U.S.-Soviet negotiations to curb nuclear weapons, Democratic leader Jim Wright of Texas said today.

He said the decision was taken at the request of President Reagan, who urged him in two telephone calls Tuesday to have the bipartisan group attend.

Avoiding a potential problem, Wright said the House members will not take wives along. He blamed opponents of arms control agreements with the Soviets for raising questions about the spouses and the size of the House delegation.

Initially, 30 House members planned to go to Geneva this weekend for the talks opening next Tuesday.

"There are people . . . in the Administration, in high and low positions, that do not want it to succeed," Wright said. He said they were motivated by "a zealot's desire."

Wright said, "My wife's not going to go now. I wouldn't beg her to go. She wouldn't go under any circumstances and I don't blame her."

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