Veteran Southland abstract sculptor Tony DeLap shows almost 50 small drawings. Most put circle segments in varied configurations, rendered on graph paper and tinted with thinned paint. The whole exercise is so casual that it seems like a tossed-off show, but it does do a couple of things.

It reveals a more cosmopolitan side of an artist relentlessly associated with L.A. in the '60s. Here DeLap establishes a legitimate ancestry going back to Russian avant-garde Constructivists and second-generation Cubists like Delaunay.

He also links his love of vaudeville magic to playful Dada. A few vintage postcards have been modified and given DeLap trademarks. The Eiffel Tower is truncated and bears a bright red Minimalist sculpture. A long green pole is balanced across one of the great pyramids of Egypt. It's not a killer show, but it is nice to see an artist so comfortable with himself. (Janus Gallery, 8000 Melrose Ave., to March 30.)

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