An Ugly Scene

We were out for a drive Saturday night and saw a group of the Rev. Dorman Owen's "Christian" vigilantes picketing a gay bar on El Cajon Boulevard.

Upon closer inspection, what we saw were nasty, angry, ugly people shouting abuse upon radiant, healthy, sharply dressed young men and women. Who else would spend their Saturday nights trying to ruin others' good times but sexually repressed Bible bigots who don't have any? It occurred to us that the nice young gay people probably would have more fun that night than the bigots would in their entire lifetimes.

To these people, sex is a stain that must be "shouted out" in the churches and, when this fails and ends in eternal frustration, shouted at innocent people who have already worked out their own sexual puzzle.

We laughed and laughed. It occurred to us that The Dorman Owens Freak Show could very well end up as one of San Diego's biggest attractions. Next to the zoo.


San Diego

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