Faculty Salaries at Saddleback

As a "middle-aged" graduate of Saddleback College, I would like to comment on two aspects of the recent spate of articles and letters in the newspapers concerning the dispute among the chancellor, the faculty and several of the trustees. My first observation has to do with The Times' article (Feb. 19) that said: "The average teacher at Saddleback earns $38,000 a year, according to the administration."

First of all, that "average" was erroneously calculated. By the numbers, the "average" teacher at Saddleback is a part-time instructor whose top earnings would be in the neighborhood of $8,800. It is my understanding that there are well over 600 part-time instructors at Saddleback and about 235 full-time instructors. What does that tell us about "average" salary?

I would also like to comment on the apparent inability of Chancellor Larry Stevens and several of the trustees to arbitrate diplomatically, and in good conscience, with the faculty. When Bob Lombardi, the previous chancellor, took over as president in 1973, his tact, patience and diplomatic bargaining skills can be credited with overcoming the problems that existed between the faculty and the Board of Trustees and also the discontent among the students.

Sadly, what a brief period of time it has taken to dissipate the good will Bob Lombardi engendered. The trail would seem to lead directly to Stevens' door because of his obdurate attitude when dealing with the faculty.


Dana Point

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