Student Aid

I probably missed something, but I could have sworn that I heard the commentator say that President Reagan was adamant in his opposition to a student loan program. This was no great surprise, but then my complacency was shattered when he continued to say that the President was still committed to his program for tuition tax credits.

This seems to say that if you cannot afford to send your children to school the government has no obligation to help you. However, if you are in a financial position to do so then the government should do all it can to further your good fortune.

Noting the President’s propensity for religion, it does not escape one’s attention that this also applies to those who would prefer that their children attend a school that charges a fee for a religiously oriented education.

Can the President’s philosophy of government in this issue be summed up by saying that we will maintain a “separation of poor and state” and condone an “integration of church and the wealthy and state”?



Canoga Park