2 Virginians Win Men's Bridge Championship

Times Bridge Writer

Ed Manfield and Kit Woolsey, both of Arlington, Va., won the four-session Men's Pair Championship at the North American bridge championships in Montreal Saturday night. Leading scores were: Manfield and Woolsey, 833.6; Bob Hamman of Dallas and George Mittleman of Toronto, Canada, 824.3; Larry Cohen of Beverly Hills and Bobby Levin of North Miami Beach, 811.7.

Winners in the women's pairs were Dale Dermer of Pittsburgh and JoAnne Caplan of Dallas, with 853.9 match points. Nadine Wood of Silver Spring, Md., and Robin Taylor of Gaithersburg, Md., were second with 821.9; and Barbara MacKay of Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, and Irene Hyatt of Boulder, Colo., were third with 815.4.

Peter Boyd of Falls Church, Va., and Steve Robinson of Arlington, Va., won the Grand National Pair Championship earlier in the tournament. Leading scores were: Boyd and Robinson, 475.9; Peter Pender of Forestville, Calif., and Hugh Ross of Oakland, 473.0; Bob Yellis of Grapeneck, N.Y., and Michael Rosmarin of New York City, 468.5. Leading Southland experts were Terry West of Glendale and Jill Meyers of Los Angeles, seventh with 439.4, and Neil Chambers of North Hollywood and Bob Matthess of West Los Angeles, eighth with 437.7.

In a playoff held early last week, a Canadian team won a secondary spot to represent North America in the 1985 world championship. Primary North American representatives will be selected in May in a playoff of the teams that won the principal North American championships in 1984.

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