'Moaning Liberals'

This past Sunday (March 10) was a peaceful and restful day, I thought. But in the evening I opened the Opinion section and read the letter by W. P. Brooks of Santa Ana, "Moaning Liberals."

What a venomous few paragraphs!

Nonsense--we liberals do have much to "moan" about nowadays; as a matter of fact, like never before in history of this nation.

How can you ultraconservatives be so callous and complacent?

How can you really defend such a purely military-oriented Administration, defend an Administration that is so blatantly extolling the virtues of bilious billions for hideous weaponry to obliterate mankind?

How can you defend a leader--who professes to be religious to boot--who puts anything to better the welfare of the population on the bottom of the ladder?

Your faith in "Reaganomics" is more dangerous than we "moaning" and sensible liberals can begin to realize.


Los Angeles

I was glad to see you printed Brooks' letter. It's so true about your whining left-wing paper.

I also wonder about whose side your on. You're against the MX missile. So are the Soviets. You're against "Star Wars." So are the Soviets. You're against aid to the contras. So are the Soviets.


Santa Monica

Wonder of wonders. What's next! W. P. Brooks, obviously a right-wing conservative and a classic Reaganite, reflecting on such things as President Reagan being evil, U.S. corporations being sinister, hordes of saber-wielding Reds overrunning Central America and the world, millions being handed out to those minorities and, imagine, the poor, the blacks, and the Indians sharing equal rights with us Americans!

Well at least Brooks uses complete sentences, but I will wager his speech is somewhat garbled due to the silver spoon that is wedged in his throat.


La Crescenta

I couldn't miss passing on to you the suggestion that W. P. Brooks be added to your editorial staff. His letter last Sunday was right on the mark. In fact, it even surprised me that you printed it.


South Pasadena

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