Phone for Botswana

Re the Botswana article by Ken and Marge Kantor on March 3: There was an error in the telephone number at the bottom of our article. The correct numbers are (818) 507-8401 or (800) 252-0493 for California readers.


Gametrackers International


The Chocolate Trick

Since our return from Spain I want to thank the couple who forewarned us in the Letters column of the chocolate syrup trick of thieves. It happened to us twice, in Barcelona in front of our hotel and in Madrid on the street that is comparable to Rodeo Drive. Had we not known about the trick, it might have been disastrous.

We just ran into our hotel in the first case, and into an open, well-lit area in the second. One man's wearing a white cloth alerted me the first time, the second time the feeling of wetness when the chocolate was spilled onto him alerted my husband. Many thanks for a tip which probably saved us a lot of grief.


Los Alamitos

On Pacific Grove

Some addenda to the nuggets of interesting items in your Feb. 24 issue: About Jerry Hulse's cover piece on Pacific Grove, the Asilomar Conference Center is practically adjacent to the majestic Pacific where the artists are pictured. It is available to transients and is ridiculously low-priced. For current rates: 800 Asilomar Blvd., P.O. Box 537, Pacific Grove 93950. Their meals are Gargantuan! Within walking distance is a bus that ambles along beautiful coastal scenery to get you in and out of Monterey. It stops at the house where Robert Louis Stevenson lived, in the center of town where there is a European-like piazza with comfortable benches, the kind that Judith Morgan relishes.


Los Angeles

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