Winners in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' scientific and technical awards were announced Sunday at the Beverly Hilton.

Those honored for scientific-engineering achievement include Donald Anderson and Diana Reiners of 3M for Cinetrak magnetic film for sound recording; Barry Stultz, Ruben Avila and Wes Kennedy of Film Processing Corp. for Fullcoat magnetic film for sound recording, and Stultz, Avila, Kennedy and John Mosely for an improved sound-track stripe for 70-mm film.

John Whitney Jr. and Gary Demos of Digital Productions will receive scientific-engineering achievement awards for their process of simulating film photography with computer-generated images, used in "The Last Starfighter." Also selected: Kenneth Richter of Richter Cine Equipment for the Auto-Collimator, an image enhancement device, and Gunther Schaidt and Rosco Laboratories for a non-toxic liquid for artificial fog and smoke.

Winners of technical achievement awards:

Nat Tiffen of Tiffen Manufacturing Corp. for new color filters for photography; Donald Trumbull, Jonathan Erland, Stephen Fog and Paul Burk of Apogee Inc. for a projector for matte composite photography; Erland and Robert Bealmear of Apogee Inc. for new front projection screens; and Howard J. Preston of Preston Cinema Systems for a speed-control device for automatic exposure photography.

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