Deaver Purchase

I find myself upset about the automobile discounts allowed to Michael Deaver and eight other members of President Reagan's staff while they were in Germany on White House business.

My upset is not over whether or not they violated rules, which appears to be the case, but over another moral issue: Should someone traveling at the expense of U.S. taxpayers and being compensated with U.S. taxpayers' dollars capitalize on the opportunity to make a major foreign purchase?

In a time when there is such concern with an out-of-balance foreign deficit, and a struggle for the American work force to get back to a level of greater employment, shouldn't there be a greater conscious effort and spirit of loyalty expected from individuals being employed by government to buy American-made products?

The general attitude of the selfish American today who constantly strives to fulfill his individual wants without regard to the total needs of his fellow countrymen will only serve to place greater burdens and problems upon our country tomorrow.


Woodland Hills

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