Meringues Give Your Favorite Desserts the Look of Elegance

Party time calls for foods that are extra-fancy and especially delicious. So you'll want to present your party foods a little more dramatically than those you prepare for the day-to-day table. Let meringues give your favorite dessert that elegant look.

You can top your family's favorite desserts with a dollop of meringue, or lend a fluffy and airy look to your pies. But for an unusual and different meringue treat try adding a small amount of uncooked, regular oatmeal to your preferred recipe for meringue cookies.

Keep the following rules in mind when making meringues: The egg whites, bowl and beaters must be completely free of egg yolk or grease, since fat of any kind prevents the whites from reaching full volume; always add the sugar gradually after the whites are quite foamy, and make sure the sugar is completely dissolved by rubbing a small amount of meringue between your fingers. If you can feel grains of sugar, beat longer.

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