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Annual economic summit conferences bringing together leaders of the United States, Britain, France, West Germany, Italy and Japan have been held since 1975 with Canada joining in 1976. Here is a capsule summary:

1--Chateau de Rambouillet, France, Nov. 15-17, 1975. Agreed to stimulate economies; accepted flexible exchange rates; gave strong support and momentum to Tokyo Round of trade talks, which three years later lowered tariff barriers.

2--San Juan, Puerto Rico, June 27-28, 1976. Called for balanced growth, stressing danger of a "new wave" of inflation.

3--London, May 7-8, 1977. Agreed on broad economic policies, those with stronger economies (United States, West Germany, Japan) emphasizing growth, those with higher inflation stressing stabilization; approved increased reliance on nuclear energy, and gave further impetus to trade-liberalization talks.

4--Bonn, July 16-17, 1978. Agreed on coordinated economic policies with respect to growth, deficits and inflation; pledged conservation and other steps on energy; promised support for developing countries.

5--Tokyo, June 28-29, 1979. Agreed on steps to limit oil imports, to create a register of international oil transactions and to maintain or raise domestic oil prices to the world level.

6--Venice, Italy, June 21-23, 1980. Called for complete withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan; made reduction of inflation "immediate top priority," and agreed to conserve oil and develop alternate energy sources.

7--Ottawa, July 20-22, 1981. Debated high U.S. interest rates; supported global negotiations on development, paving the way for the summit of 21 industrial and developing nations at Cancun, Mexico.

8--Versailles, France, June 5-6, 1982. Agreed to intensify economic and monetary cooperation; launched a study of exchange rate intervention. A communique that papered over differences on East-West trade later erupted in a dispute over the Soviet-European natural gas pipeline.

9--Williamsburg, Va., May 28-30, 1983. President Reagan won support for U.S. missile deployment in Europe.

10--London, June 7-9, 1984. The effect of high U.S. interest rates on world economic recovery dominated talks; members pledged to help debt-ridden nations.

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