Caption's Identification of Protester

Oh, really! On the front page of the Orange County section April 25 were photos of two UC Irvine students participating in an anti-apartheid demonstration. One student happens to use a wheelchair. He is identified as a cerebral palsy victim, while descriptive terms for the other students are not used.

Why can't we simply appreciate this person as an involved student? The focus of his purpose was that of a politically involved person, not as a cerebral palsy sufferer. Why must the handicap be the focus of attention? Cannot a person with a wheelchair be concerned about anything else?

The other student was not identified as an astigmatism victim due to her glasses. These two students are simply involving themselves in political activism that is separate from their physical selves.

A victim? Hardly. Any person actively participating in protesting oppression is not a victim.


Newport Beach

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