If Smoking Is Banned, Why Not Drinking?

If Dr. Buss is so interested in accommodating people with his announced intention to ban smoking in the Forum, then I strongly suggest he ban the consumption of all alcoholic beverages on the premises. At least that way we fans don't have to sit through an event with the stairways and underseats awash in beer, don't have to be victimized by the drunken brawls in the stands or accosted by cursing, inebriated people in the parking lot and, most importantly, don't have to fend off the drunken drivers who nightly pour out of the Forum or watch them take potshots at pedestrians.

I'm sure all King and Laker fans and particularly Women (and Men) Against Drunken Drivers would be interested in Dr. Buss' criteria for deciding what is more harmful to someone else's health--smoking or alcohol, and which group should be "accommodated." Dr. Buss should provide the fans in the area where he sits with cigarettes, not beer, as he so often does. It would be healthier for them and certainly more comfortable and much healthier for the rest of us.


Beverly Hills

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