The House : Bitburg Resolution

The vote was 390 for and 26 against when the House passed a non-binding resolution (H.Con.Res. 130) urging President Reagan to cancel his May 5 visit to the German military graveyard at Bitburg, where Nazi SS troopers are buried. Supporter Wyche Fowler (D-Ga.) said: "As a human being, I am appalled that (Reagan) is participating in ceremonies commemorating the graves of those who implemented the Holocaust, one of the darkest events in the history of humanity."

Opponent Thomas Hartnett (R-S.C.) said "the patriotism of President Reagan cannot be questioned," and added that "those horrible men who lie in Bitburg Cemetery have already faced a judgment far more critical and far more important than members of this House of Representatives can pass on them."

Members voting yes wanted Reagan to cancel the cemetery visit.

How They Voted Yea Nay No vote Rep. Dreier (R) x Rep. Dymally (D) x Rep. Hawkins (D) x Rep. Martinez (D) x Rep. Torres (D) x

Indiana Seat

The House voted, 236 for and 190 against, to seat Democrat Frank McCloskey as the representative of Indiana's 8th Congressional District. This was a party-line vote, except for 10 Democrats who voted on the losing GOP side. Democrats now occupy 253 House seats and Republicans 182. In a recount of last November's election results that was supervised by the Democrat-controlled House, McCloskey was declared the victor by four votes over Republican Richard D. McIntyre.

This came after a state recount had resulted in Indiana's Republican secretary of state certifying McIntyre the winner by about 400 votes.

Each party challenged the integrity of the other's recount.

Supporter Jim Wright (D-Tex.) said: "Unfortunately, the Constitution places upon us, as the Congress, the clear responsibility to be the judge of elections."

Opponent Bill Frenzel (R-Minn.) said the fairest and most constitutional solution was for the House to reject the seating of McCloskey and order a new election.

Members voting yes wanted McCloskey to be seated.

How They Voted Yea Nay No vote Rep. Dreier (R) x Rep. Dymally (D) x Rep. Hawkins (D) x Rep. Martinez (D) x Rep. Torres (D) x

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