China Scientists Find Anti-Garlic Mouthwash

United Press International

Chinese scientists have invented a potent mouthwash able to wipe out bad breath among the most avid garlic eaters in only 10 seconds, a Chinese newspaper said Tuesday.

Bad breath from smoking, drinking or munching garlic bulbs will vanish in only 10 seconds with a few drops of a newly tested “fragrant water,” the Canton Evening News reported.

“Experiments have shown that those who use the fragrant water no longer have terrible garlic breath,” the newspaper announced. “And it has no aftereffects.”

It said the mouthwash was discovered by researchers at the Huanan Science Institute and is produced by the Phoenix Chemical Plant in China’s southern Guangdong province.


A 15-fluid-ounce bottle of the “fragrant water” costs about 60 U.S. cents and is on sale in all Canton department stores, the paper said.