'Why No Fury' at Soviets?

I, too, have noticed the disparity of interest between the injustice in South Africa and the horrible atrocities in Afghanistan.

What Conine failed to mention is that what is going on in South Africa is an internal affair that is really none of our business, while what is going on in Afghanistan is the systematic murder and maiming of men, women and children by Russia in another country for the sole purpose of acquiring more territory.

Of course, apartheid is not to be commended, but why aren't these people who are so sensitive to its injustice, also demonstrating against Russia? Is it because there are few Afghans in this country? Where were they when the Cambodians were being slaughtered by the millions? Too few Cambodians here?

Nobody condones the slaughter of 6 million Jews by the Nazis, but who mourns for the 7 million non-Jews who were starved, tortured and killed just as dead as the 6 million Jews? Nobody seems to care. Is it lack of faith?

If we are going to decry injustice, let it be for all men, not just a select few.


Los Angeles

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