The Renaming of Santa Ana College

There is a vast unhappiness in the Santa Ana-Tustin-Orange area among the thousands who have graduated in the last 70 years from Santa Ana College. This stems from the sudden arbitrary action of the board of trustees in renaming the college Rancho Santiago Community College-Santa Ana Campus.

Aside from the clumsiness of the new name, I feel that it consigns to oblivion many years of tradition and accomplishment. Santa Ana College has long been near the top of the academic achievers among two-year institutions in California and the nation. Its name has helped many transfer as juniors to Stanford, Pomona, USC and Cal without losing so much as one unit of credit.

During the last few weeks I have talked with many graduates and several members of the current staff without encountering a person who is happy with the change.

Sure, the district will soon have two colleges. What better way to distinguish between them than by location names? Let Santa Ana College remain Santa Ana College. The new campus might very well become Orange College or Orange Park College. It is located in an area long known as Orange Park Acres.

I feel sure that the trustees acted in good faith. I am just as sure that they made an error in judgment. All of us make mistakes. Good public servants rectify theirs.



George A. Broomell is a Santa Ana College graduate, class of '26.

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