Giving Advice to Reagan

I must object to former Carter aide Gerald Rafshoon giving advice to President Reagan (Opinion, May 12), “Restructuring Reagan’s Image: What Went Wrong.”

Wasn’t Rafshoon satisfied contributing such wishy-washy bunk to one President? Reagan won the election “big” and now deserves to be let alone.

Cancel Bitburg? What for? If the President wants to remind the world of Germany’s Nazi past he must have a good reason. (It pays to remember that our leaders have information that we don’t.)

And why criticize James Baker’s move to Treasury? No real conservative ever really trusted that middle-of-the-road George Bush-lover anyway. He just never really fit in.


On the other hand, Donald Regan, the new White House chief of staff, is Reagan’s kind of guy--after all, he is only an “A” away from being a close relative.

Ed Rollins would make a terrible deputy chief of staff. Rafshoon is just trying to screw up the second term with liberal second thoughts and indecision.

If Regan needs a “liberal” deputy I support Al Haig, at least that way, in case of a real crisis, there will be someone to take charge.

Pat Buchanan came in for the most unfair criticism of all. Here is a man who can write like nobody else. Sure he is ideological, but then so is the President and everyone likes him. Don’t they?