San Diego

A proposal to forbid the issuance of building permits for structures that would pose a hazard to aviation has been scheduled for a July 25 public hearing by the San Diego Planning Commission.

On April 18, the Planning Commission voted to recommend that the City Council declare a moratorium on structures hazardous to airplanes. No council action has been taken yet.

Assistant City Atty. Fred Conrad has said that such a moratorium could trigger numerous lawsuits by landowners against the city.

Planning Commissioner Yvonne Larsen noted that many people have expressed concern about protecting landowners. “I’m concerned about the health and safety of the citizens,” she said.


The commission voted 5-0 to schedule the hearing for 3 p.m. July 25.

One citizen, W.A. Footes, said he was in New York City in 1945 when a bomber struck the Empire State Building. “There was a great big black space where that bomber hit,” he said. “It had a crew of eight. But the planes that go into Lindbergh have bigger crews than that and many passengers.”