A Few of the Symptoms of 'Liberal Fever'

Fortunately, many people are getting over "Liberal Fever." Unfortunately Lyle and Evelyn Davidson still seem to have it. If you are wondering what the symptoms of "Liberal Fever" are, here are a few:

Some animal with no conscience rapes and murders a 6-year-old girl and then dumps her body in a garbage pit. You feel he is a "victim" of society, or cruel parents, or both. He should be kept in prison with taxpayer dollars for a "life" sentence that will probably last 10 to 15 years, rather than face the "cruel and unusual" sentence of death, which would be a far less cruel and unusual death he gave his victim. If you're recovering from "Liberal Fever" you will start to see this murderer as human garbage who, if ever set free, would very likely do the same thing again. Do you know where your children are?

Another symptom is being naive enough to think that the Soviet government can be trusted, that they are not really expansionist, and that we "must have a treaty."

If your case of "Liberal Fever" is incurable, you will actually believe that the Vietnam War protesters deserve a memorial too. After all, they risked being pushed by a policeman or being sprayed with a water cannon. That takes at least as much guts as facing loss of life and limb daily.


El Monte

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