Lake Tahoe

Bill Stall's article (Opinion, May 12), "Trouble at Tahoe: Water, Air and Traffic," is right in saying it is premature to declare Lake Tahoe "saved."

The once crystal-clear waters of Lake Tahoe will always be in danger as long as there are people who want to build near the lake and other people who are willing to let them. I sincerely hope that representatives from California and Nevada will continue to negotiate through the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and agree on a plan to prevent further development of the area and continue conservation efforts.

A valid argument against the development of our land is that since America is a relatively young country, we don't have the great pyramids of Egypt, the holy lands of Israel, the ancient cathedrals of Italy, or the cobblestone streets of England. Instead, we have inherited these vast forests, canyons, lakes and mountains that are not found anywhere else. It is our responsibility to conserve them for future generations to enjoy.



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