National Medical Enterprises Inc., Los Angeles, will...

National Medical Enterprises Inc., Los Angeles, will lease two hospitals and a medical building from the Kirksville (Mo.) College of Osteopathic Medicine.

The 25-year agreement is valued at $24.5 million, including funding from NME for a new $10.3-million diagnosis and treatment facility. NME will also provide various services to seven rural clinics in northeastern and north-central Missouri.

Kasler Corp., San Bernardino, said it is low bidder on two highway-improvement contracts totaling $14 million with the states of Wyoming and Texas.

Whiteworth Inc./Towne-Paulsen Inc., Gardena, has agreed to be acquired by a group of investors for undisclosed terms.


The investor group is led by Douglas and Robert Bradshaw, who own a food brokerage firm in Santa Fe Springs. Whiteworth/Towne-Paulsen manufactures generic drugs and related consumer products.

Western Gear Corp.'s applied technology division, City of Industry, received a follow-on contract worth $7 million from Lockheed-George to make landing gear and other equipment for the Lockheed C-5B aircraft.

U.S. Vacation Resorts Inc., Century City, received additional credit from First National Bank of Boston, bringing its total credit line to $10 million. The company operates membership camping resorts in California, Michigan and Illinois.

Jeffries Banknote Co., Los Angeles, has sold its commercial printing operations in Carson to Heese Enterprises Inc. for an undisclosed amount.


Creative Computer Applications Inc., Calabasas, will sell microcomputer products and software to Nashville-based Hospital Corp. of America to be used for HCA’s hospital lab facilities. Terms weren’t disclosed.

Medco Research Inc., Los Angeles, is acquiring the operating assets of West End Medical Group in West Los Angeles for undisclosed terms.