Mexican Papers Attack Failure to Solve Slaying of Columnist

United Press International

One year after a well-known journalist was gunned down on a busy city street, federal authorities still have no leads as to who killed Manuel Buendia, a newspaper reported last week.

La Jornada newspaper printed large black spaces on many pages of its Thursday edition with the caption, “And a good day to you too, Attorney General,” to denounce the lack of a suspect in the killing.

Buendia, who wrote a daily column in the Excelsior newspaper, was killed by an unknown gunmen as he walked to his car May 30, 1984. His daily column, “Private Network,” was notorious for signaling corruption in the police forces and in federal government.

La Jornada severely criticized Mexico City’s Atty. Gen. Victoria Adato for “trying to fabricate a guilty one” on the eve of the anniversary of the killing as the city Justice Department Wednesday said there was an arrest in the case.


Different groups of newspaper workers and independent journalist unions planned street protests to denounce the lack of progress in the year-old case.