Muchmore’s Employees

I want to thank you all for the hard work Beth Ann Krier put into the story about the California Museum of Science and Industry and myself for several weeks. Obviously, I liked the story. However, I would like to comment on a few negative points.

--The key element that was left out is that the museum is a great museum that achieved this greatness as a result of the work of a number of people. I specifically called to Krier’s attention that the museum had just been cited by the American Assn. for the Advancement of Science as “one of the premiere science museums in the United States.” Los Angeles has never had this before! And it is incredible that it was left out of the story because it would have offset the negative aspects.

--The major security changes had been started when I arrived, so I gave each impacted employee a letter guaranteeing their job in their current position.

--I would not write an improper check from the Foundation Exhibits and Education Fund for $2,500 for a Christmas party because I have too much integrity.


--The 35-minute interview with the Community Consortium, made up of all community groups in this area including all minority organizations supporting the museum and me in my role, was never mentioned.

I have had four people call because of the story with contributions and for that, I thank you--more will come!

Please take this letter as I mean it to be taken--a thank you for a story, which I indicated I liked but I do believe in fairness, so I had to say the rest, and I would have wanted the same told me if I had been in your shoes.




California Museum

of Science and Industry