Whether actress Elizabeth Taylor, recuperating from neck and back injuries, will attend the Women in Film Crystal Awards luncheon Friday where she is to be honored, remains questionable.

Spokeswoman Chen Sam in New York said Wednesday that Women in Film “has been told she cannot be there. Her doctor said, ‘I do not want Elizabeth to do any activities in the next few weeks.’ I’m just going on the doctor’s word as of yesterday.”

Taylor suffered her injuries two months ago while filming the Civil War miniseries “The North and the South,” in which she wore a 50-pound dress for 16 hours a day.

Taylor’s physician, Dr. William Skinner, said in a press release issued through the actress’ publicity office, that Taylor entered Santa Monica Hospital May 24 and left Friday .


“She suffers from severe neck and back problems of degenerative cervical and lumbar sacral spine disease and secondary muscle spasm. She . . . has been advised to cancel her schedule for the next few weeks to continue intensive physiotherapy. Fortunately,” he added, “no surgery will be needed.”

Chen Sam added that two weeks ago Jo-Ann Geffen, who is handling publicity for the Crystal luncheon had been “forewarned” that Taylor might not be able to attend. On Tuesday, Geffen said she still did not know what Taylor’s plans were.