The Three Cs of Education

Just when I feel that I can come to terms with Bitburg (I hear that it was Mike Deaver’s fault), with E.F. Hutton (I hear that “justice was done”), and with “Star Wars” (I hear God wants it), I feel that I must speak out about the current Administration’s newest embarrassment--William Bennett.

Are we living in a “topsy-turvy,” upside-down world? Is William Bennett the new “James Watt” of education? We have a secretary in charge of public education who wants to essentially pay the public (in the form of tax credits) to send their children to private school. This will completely destroy the fabric of our whole public education system.

Ironically, this is the same William Bennett who would limit loans to college students who otherwise cannot afford college. His advice to them is to tell their parents that they should have used family planning.

Why doesn’t Bennett stop mincing words and call a spade a spade? He doesn’t believe in educating the poor, the black, the Hispanic, or the handicapped. Isn’t this what he is saying? Before he starts writing letters about “character,” I suggest that he take a look at himself with the same scrutiny with which he judges others.



Corona del Mar