West Los Angeles

UCLA officials and City Councilman Zev Yaroslavsky will meet today with residents who live near property on which the university wants to build 250 condominiums.

The meeting, in Yaroslavsky’s field office, 1140 Robertson Blvd., is by invitation only and is closed to the press, said Michelle Krotinger, a Yaroslavsky aide. “We do not have room for everyone to attend,” she said.

The roughly 300-acre site in the Franklin Canyon area is owned by Beverly Parks Estates. There is an 80-unit city limitation on development but residents said they are afraid that UCLA, as a state agency, may abrogate the limitation because state agencies are not traditionally bound by city zoning ordinances.

UCLA officials have stated that they will not acquire the property and build the housing unless they are able to reach an agreement with residential groups in the area.


The university must develop affordable housing if it is going to compete for faculty members with comparable universities in other parts of the country where housing is not as expensive, according to Sam J. Morabito, administrator of the university’s business enterprises division.

The condominiums would be built and sold at cost to the faculty members, Morabito said, at a substantially lower rate than units available on the open market.