Times Staff Writer

The County Museum of Art has six new trustees, representing an array of artistic interests and business achievements. Roy A. Anderson, David Geffen, Richard Simms, Walter L. Weisman, James R. Young and Julius L. Zelman joined the board of trustees following their election Wednesday.

Three of them, Geffen, Sims and Zelman, are art collectors. Geffen, a show-business tycoon best known as a producer of Broadway shows, movies and records, collects modern and contemporary art. Sims is an orthodontist whose aesthetic taste runs to master prints and has a cache of Kathe Kollwitz prints and drawings, reputed to be among the best in the country. He is a former chairman of the museum’s Graphic Arts Council.

Zelman, current chairman of the council, recently donated his outstanding holding of prints by James Abbott MacNeil Whistler to the museum, following an exhibition of the collection. A real estate developer, Zelman is also a member of the museum’s American Art Council and President’s Circle.

The other three new board members are distinguished by accomplishments in the business world and service to cultural and educational institutions. Anderson, chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Lockheed Corp., is on the boards of Occidental College, Aventek, SRI International, First Interstate Bank, First Interstate Bancorp and Southern California Edison.


Weisman, a lawyer and chief operating officer of Medical International Inc., has served on various committees at Stanford University, his alma mater. Young, a real estate investor in shopping centers, is a trustee of the County Museum of Natural History.