‘Battling Apartheid’

According to your editorial, “there may be no way to contain the spreading violence, but if there is a way, it is by ending apartheid.”

There is no “apartheid” in Northern Ireland, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Cambodia or Thailand. At least, if there were, you have not told us.

Nor is there “apartheid” in the rest of Africa where there are 24 countries on the U.N. emergency food list, where 5 million black children die of starvation each year, where genocide is a normal feature of life, where 90% of the people live under one-party regimes or military dictatorships. There is no “apartheid” maybe, but no peace, no opportunity, no justice, no political rights either.

What is your solution to these other problems?



Manus Le Roux is Consul for Information at the South African Consulate-General in Beverly Hills.