'Static From Radio Marti'

I am sorry to say that your editorial offers a very poor version of the reasons for the creation of the Radio Marti broadcasts to Cuba. You say that these broadcasts will worsen U.S. relations with Cuba. We wonder what gave you the idea that it is in the best interest of this country to have relations with Cuba.

What or who gave you the idea that Castro wants, in good faith, relations with this country, other than to benefit from it, obtaining the things that the Soviet Union cannot give him? Castro has done exactly the opposite for the "good" relations that your editorial implies, wasting no time or opportunity to discredit this country. All the efforts made by the U.S. government have been undermined by Castro. Is your memory that bad?

In 1975 when the United States agreed to talk with Cuba, Cuba responded by sending troops to Angola. In 1977 when the Interest Sections were opened in the United States and Havana, Cuba responded by sending troops to Ethiopia. In the same year, through 1978 Castro moved aggressively in Central America succeeding in the unification and agreement of all Communist parties to overthrow their governments. In 1980 in a hostile action to this country, he included hundreds of criminals and mentally disturbed people in the Mariel boat lift. Are these actions proof that Castro wants good relations with us?


Los Angeles

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