'Static From Radio Marti'

I'm disgusted with your editorial. I was born in Havana, Cuba. The author of your editorial does not know what he's talking about. In polls taken among American-Cubans there has been overwhelming support for this radio station.

Castro is a criminal and the author thinks we should be friends with him. I think that the United States does not do enough to help the people who are . . . in Cuba. I have family living in Havana and they never before were able to receive news other than the lies that Castro transmitted through Cuban television. At the moment there are only a handful of people brave enough to fight Castro in Cuba, but with the broadcast maybe more people will stand up and fight Castro.

If the United States would help out the anti-Castro groups maybe Cuba could become a country to be proud of again, but this can only happen by revolution. Then we wouldn't have any more Nicaraguas or El Salvador rebels. Fidel betrayed Cuba after the revolution. He laughs at all the U.S. blunders; what makes the author of this editorial think he won't betray the rest of the world?



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