Mass Grave May Contain 8-10 Bodies

United Press International

A mass grave containing human bones has been found near this Sierra foothill town and may be linked to a pair of San Francisco men, one of whom committed suicide when he was arrested, police said today.

The skeletal remains, possibly of as many as eight or 10 people, were uncovered by Calaveras County authorities in a heavily wooded area frequented by Leonard Lake, a 39-year-old self-described survivalist.

“We don’t know how many bodies yet. We have nothing to go on. They’re very small bits of remains, skeletal remains,” Calaveras County Coroner Terry Parker said.

Lake popped a suicide pill into his mouth when he was arrested by South San Francisco police last weekend in connection with a shoplifting incident. He went into a coma after taking the pill and died Thursday.


Police are looking for Charles Chat Ng, 24, wanted for the theft of a vise from the same lumber store where Lake was arrested. Ng fled before police arrived.

The vise and various weapons were found in a car used by Lake, which turned out to belong to Paul Cosner, 39, a San Francisco businessman missing since last Nov. 2.