President's Tax Proposals

President Reagan's tax reform program is a flagrant Reagan red-herring. It contributes nothing to our foremost problem, the national debt. In fact, it diverts attention from it. Worst of all it sidetracks the Congress from concentrating on it.

Not only has Reagan doubled our federal debt in four short years, he tries to camouflage it and neglects remedial measures. He creates a phony euphoria throughout the land with his opiate rhetoric. We, the gullible people, must share his guilt. He jeopardizes our nation!

These Reagan tactics have set a destructive political precedent. In the future politicians will tend to emulate him. It would be political suicide to utter such words as federal debt, "national malaise" and "taxes." Recall how ignominiously the electorate rejected Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale for their candid use of such language.

it is timely to note a cogent lesson in recorded history. Beginning about 350 BC King Peter II and his successor son, Alexander, the Great, created a fatal problem for Macedonia, ominously similar to ours--a national debt prompted by enormous military expenditures. They went to war to resolve it. They failed and Macedonia ultimately faded from history.

History ignored tends to repeat. A dismal thought indeed for all of us to contemplate.



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