Redondo Beach

After two weeks of debate, the City Council this week approved an ordinance that imposes more stringent requirements for density, parking, storage and architectural design for some residential properties.

Councilwoman Marcia Martin, who last week unsuccessfully opposed an amendment by Councilman Archie Snow, voted for the new requirements. Newly elected Councilwoman Kay Horrell abstained because she had voted on the changes as a planning commissioner.

The ordinance, with Snow’s amendment, allows the construction of five units in R-2 zones when two adjacent lots are combined and amount to at least 15,000 square feet. The original proposal would have permitted a maximum of two units per lot, with no combinations.

Martin and Mayor Barbara Doerr were unable to persuade the council to vote on Snow’s amendment separately--a move that would have given Doerr the opportunity to veto it. The mayor, who has no vote on council issues, can veto its decisions. The council can override a veto by a 4-1 vote.


Martin said that although she opposes Snow’s amendment, she would not vote against the entire package.

The new ordinance will replace a yearlong building moratorium that was imposed last summer to allow the city to study density and parking problems.