Local News in Brief : Michael Reagan, Whose Sister Endorsed Picus, Helps Nemo

Nearly two months after the Los Angeles city election, unsuccessful City Council candidate Jeanne Nemo on Friday night called on one Reagan--the President’s eldest son, Michael--to make amends for the endorsement by another Reagan--Maureen--of West Valley Councilwoman Joy Picus.

The President’s son, a Sherman Oaks businessman, was the guest of honor at a $50-a-head reception held by Nemo at the Toluca Lake home of former county Republican Party Chairman Richard Gulbranson to retire a $10,000 campaign debt.

Nemo drew cheers from about 100 supporters when she announced that she would run again for the 3rd District council seat in 1989. She finished second in a field of six candidates with 21% of the vote. Picus won election with 55%.

Michael Reagan declined to criticize his sister for her endorsement of Picus, a Democrat, over Nemo, a Republican, in the nonpartisan race.


“Maureen can back who she wants,” he said. But he added: “I think she should have put a little more thought into it only because she is being paid by the Republican National Committee to elect Republican women.”

Maureen Reagan, in defending her endorsement, has pointed to her longstanding personal friendship with Picus and the fact that the race was nonpartisan.

Michael Reagan said in an interview that he told his father about Maureen’s endorsement of Picus but received no reaction. “He’s got enough things to do rather than to worry about who’s backing whom,” the presidential son said.