List of Plane’s Crew, Released Passengers

United Press International

Trans World Airlines on Friday released the following list of crew members still held by Arab terrorists on hijacked Flight 847 and those passengers who were released by the hijackers.

The information is incomplete and includes hometowns and first names where available. In most cases where there is no hometown, home states are listed.

CREW: Capt. John L. Testrake, Richmond, Mo.; First Officer Philip G. Maresca, Utah; Flight Engineer Benjamin C. Zimmerman, Idaho; Flight attendants Uli Derickson, N.J.; Judy A. Cox, Kansas City; Hazel Hesp, Greenwich, Conn; Elizabeth J. Howes and Helen Sheahan, both New Jersey.

PASSENGERS RELEASED IN BEIRUT: Delgado, Escondido, Calif.; G. Porter, Chicago; Cucchi San Francisco; L. Peel, Los Angeles; J. Novak, Chicago; two members of the Balt family, Chicago; S. Kowalczyk, Chicago; E. Mazurowksi, DePew, N.Y.; D. Sullivan, Chicago; N. Slotowsky, Chicago; F. Reynolds, Chicago; Gaurza, Los Angeles; L. McLaughlin, Chicago; three members of the Trautmann family of Laredo, Texas; J. Scibetta, Chicago; and A. Berry, Los Angeles.


(The names listed with Chicago hometowns are from a group booked by a Chicago travel agent. These people may not live in Chicago itself, but a TWA spokeswoman said they were from the Chicago area.)

PASSENGERS RELEASED IN ALGIERS (No hometowns available): Lorraine Anderson, Illinois; Helen Argyrakis, Greece; Margaret Johnson, Connecticut; Paula Loftus, Illinois; Agnes Leber, Rhode Island; Marie Liebst, California; Judith Chudigian; Isabel Carpio; Elaine Grossmeyer, Illinois; Mary Lee Harris, Texas; Penny Laskarides; Estelle Costalupes, Greece; Eunice Milton, Illinois; Debra Toga, Massachusetts; Dorothy Tressler, Massachusetts; Patricia Webber; M. Whitmorey, Maryland; Marcia Willett, Louisiana; J. Willett, Louisiana.