A Jamul couple who were insulted with racial slurs and later assaulted by two men at the Dulzura Cafe have filed suit against the assailants and the cafe.

Luther Moore, who is black, and his wife Rita, who is white, are seeking damages from Ronald Olear and William Jackson, who were convicted of assaulting the Moores with a deadly weapon in the incident on June 20, 1984. They have also sued Earl and Kitti Pheifer, owners of the restaurant off California 94.

Olear and Jackson called the couple names during their breakfast at the restaurant and later threatened Luther Moore with a bullwhip and chain.

The couple are asking $25,000 from each defendant in two causes of action alleging violation of their civil rights, battery, infliction of emotional distress and negligence.


Also sued were Herbert Drumm of the Department of Forestry, who is accused of disarming Moore when he picked up a post to defend himself, and Charlotte Holcomb, who employed Olear on her Jamul ranch.

The incident received publicity after the Moores pressed authorities to charge the men. The El Cajon district attorney’s office initially declined to charge Olear and Jackson with assault.