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Floor Action:

Solar Tax Credits: Approved and sent to the governor on a 68-5 vote a bill (SB 1079) by Sen. Alfred E. Alquist (D-San Jose) to reduce benefits to taxpayers under the state’s solar and energy conservation tax credit program and save the state about $120 million in 1985.

Toxic Waste: Approved and sent to the Senate on a 52-18 vote a bill (AB 1263) by Assemblyman Burt Margolin (D-Los Angeles) calling for inspection and establishing permit requirements for short-term toxic waste storage facilities. The governor vetoed a similar bill last year.


Automobile Insurance: Approved and sent to the Senate on a 56-11 vote a bill (AB 896) by Assemblyman Thomas M. Hannigan (D-Fairfield) requiring the Department of Motor Vehicles to withhold information on traffic accidents pertaining to a driver who is not cited or found to be at fault. The goal of the bill is to prevent possible automobile insurance rate increases or policy cancellations.

Kosher: Approved and sent to the Senate on a 62-4 vote a bill (AB 887) by Assemblyman Tom Hayden (D-Santa Monica) aimed at assuring that meat and poultry that is advertised as kosher actually is kosher by requiring people who sell such products to keep records for one year and make them available to Department of Food and Agriculture investigators upon request. The one-year pilot program would end Jan. 1, 1987.

Senate Floor Action:

Traffic Fines: Approved and sent to the Assembly on a 29-9 vote a bill (SB 1374) by Sen. Barry Keene (D-Benicia) to increase penalties for criminal offenses and traffic violations by 10% to pay for extra training of California Highway Patrol officers.


Violent Crimes: Approved and sent to the Assembly on a 31-2 vote a bill (SB 241) by Sen. Daniel E. Boatwright (D-Concord) to add five years to the prison sentence for people convicted of second-offense violent crimes against elderly, blind or disabled people.

Tax Deductions: Approved and sent to the Assembly on a 27-9 vote a bill (SB 749) by Sen. Marian Bergeson (R-Newport Beach) to allow Californians to pay their 1986 state income taxes a year early to take advantage of the federal tax deduction before President Reagan’s proposed tax reform plan could go into effect.

Economics Classes: Approved and sent to the Assembly on a 30-2 vote a bill (SB 1213) by Sen. Gary K. Hart (D-Santa Barbara) to require high school students to pass a one-semester course in economics in order to graduate.

Committee Action:


Unitary Tax: The Senate Appropriations Committee approved a bill (SB 85) by Sen. Alfred E. Alquist (D-San Jose) to revise the method used for state taxation of multinational and foreign corporations. A 6-0 vote sent the bill to the Senate floor.

Miscellany An Unusual Press Release: Assemblyman Larry Stirling (R-San Diego) recently issued a press announcement proclaiming that his package of condominium bills had passed the Assembly. That is not unusual. The statement also said, however, that a good share of the credit should go to Katharine Rosenberry, consultant to the Select Committee on Common Interest Subdivisions, which Stirling heads. “You need someone with her brilliance and negotiating skill to get something like this through all the hurdles,” the release said. It is rare for legislators to share the limelight with staffers.