Doonesbury Cartoons on Frank Sinatra

The Times has received 221 letters commenting on its decision not to print all of Garry Trudeau's Doon e sbury strips on Frank Sinatra; 206 criticized The Times' decision and/or praised Trudeau; 15 criticized Trudeau and/or praised Sinatra.

I want to applaud and thank The Times for refusing to print the smut that Trudeau peddles as humor. I am referring to his strips on Frank Sinatra's award from the President.

For too long Italian-Americans have had to suffer the insults of being associated with the Mafia simply because we have an Italian surname. This is pure ignorance and bigotry. No one despises the Mafia as much as we do. Being associated with the Mafia simply because of an Italian surname is as absurd as associating all humans with criminals just because a few humans are criminals.

Please tell Trudeau we will no longer stand for this bigotry. We will no longer be trampled upon.


Long Beach

Editor's Note: The Times risks lawsuits again and again because taking the risk is often the only way to get important information to its readers. Most of the Sinatra panels were withheld, not because of fear of litigation but because the newspaper was strongly advised by its lawyers that they would have substantial problems defending in court any libel suit that might have been filed.

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