'Craze for Lawsuits'

Conine's article about the craze for liability lawsuits is right on the money when it says public education is a lot more important than legislative remedies. The same people who say, "the insurance company can afford it," are the ones who chortle with glee when they read that the Internal Revenue Service is having to pay interest on late refunds--not realizing that they will indirectly end up footing the bill in both cases.

Public education has never been an easy task--witness how most Americans still clamor for quotas on foreign products when history has proven, over and over, that they, as consumers, will pay dearly for the absence of competition.

May I ask the public: Do you want to pay $60 for a new pair of leather shoes or $8,000 for a new compact car? Do you want your taxes increased to pay for the interest on late refund checks the IRS is sending out? Do you want your insurance premiums raised through the roof to counteract million-dollar lawsuits? What's that? You don't? Good! Then stop pursuing logic that says you do!



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