Funds OKd for 2 Extra Patrolmen on Tujunga Beat

The Los Angeles City Council Friday approved a request by Councilman Howard Finn to fund the temporary addition of two foot patrol officers along Foothill Boulevard in the Tujunga section of his district.

Finn had no problem winning unanimous approval for the $20,000 expenditure, which is expected to be approved by Mayor Tom Bradley, because it will come out of his office budget. Each council member receives $481,500 a year for office expenses, which is used principally for staffing.

This will be the third year that the councilman has tapped his office budget to fund what has become known as the "Finn Car," although the officers are often out of their car on foot patrol.

The $20,000 will pay for one shift of two officers patrolling Tujunga in the evening during the summer months when, according to Finn, they are most needed because "young people are out of school and don't have anything to do."

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