'Cave-in on the Contras '

One can best describe the recent switch in Democratic Party support for aid to the contras as an act of extreme cowardice. What a disgusting spectacle to see so many of our elected representatives (all of whom were recently told by the President that they shouldn't even be involved in our democratic process) knuckle under to a paranoid, shallow, egotistical and arrogant man who has never learned anything from history. Everyone of them should be hanging their heads in shame for lacking the courage and moral integrity to do what they knew was right.

When will be learn that the establishment of truly democratic principles can only be accomplished when we have earned the respect and admiration of those who we are trying to influence and lead. If we continue to conduct our foreign policy as we have under Ronald Reagan, we are doomed to failure in our efforts to bring many of the emerging Third World countries into our sphere of influence.

Talking democracy is one thing but practicing and respecting it is another, and even in Third World countries the people are intelligent enough to discern the difference between hypocritical rhetoric and a genuine desire to help fulfill the aspirations of all human beings.


Hacienda Heights

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