Divestiture in South Africa

I spent more than two years ('79-'81) in Lesotho, a small mountain kingdom completely surrounded by South Africa. I also traveled extensively in South Africa on business and as a tourist (tourists see only what the South Africans want them to see). I talked with people in all walks of life and in answer to my one question: "What do you see for your country?" One hundred percent answered," A blood bath." Many pinpointed the time as in 10 years.

With the exception of one farmer (30,000 acres), all assured me they were against apartheid and also they were helpless to do anything about it. One thing puzzled me and long after I returned to the States. That was the rather emotionless way they spoke of a "blood bath." It wasn't until I saw pictures of some of the riots there with blacks throwing stones and bottles that I realized what might be the reason for their apparent lack of feeling, certainly of horror that such a picture evokes. The blacks have no weapons. It could only mean a blood bath for the blacks.



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