Meese Expenses

My fellow middle-class Americans, once again we are being victimized by a federal judicial system that lately seems to favor wealth over the will of the people!

No! Atty. Gen. Edwin Meese III should not have been awarded $472,000 in legal fees for defending himself for something he actually did! If not illegal, it is morally wrong to accept interest-free loans and then offer federal appointments to the lenders. Unethical to say the least.

Meese, the average rich American, is infecting the nation with a new mental disorder, “Meeseism.” This is a condition of the mind wherein the victim is so rich that he or she believes that everyone else is. In some parts of the country the paranoia is better known as, “Soup Kitchen Hysteria”!

We, the average Americans, will eventually foot the bill! Had the special federal panel been made up of people like ourselves, you know Meese wouldn’t have gotten a dime! Moreover, he probably would have been liable for court fees!



Los Angeles