Dodgers Are Losers in the Numbers Game

As an exercise in futility I ran some numbers through my computer the other day, comparing statistics of the "new" Dodgers infield with those of the "old" Dodger hands now playing with other, contending teams. These statistics were current as of June 28, and I believe they serve to demonstrate the "genius" of Al Campanis in making the Dodgers what they are today.

The old infield of Garvey, Lopes, Russell and Cey had a combined batting average of .262, 29 home runs and 97 RBIs. The new Dodger infield of Brock, Sax, Duncan and Anderson boasts a batting average of .222, 15 home runs and 43 RBIs. Now add Dusty Baker to the outfield with his .285 average, 9 home runs and 31 RBIs in place of Ken Landreaux and his 4 home runs, 17 RBIs and an average of .235 if you're in the mood for more crying.

Granted that hindsight is 20-20, it still makes a guy wonder where the Dodgers might be in the standings today if the discards were still on the job. Thanks a lot, Al!


Van Nuys

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