U.N. Should Act to Curb Hijacking

The United Nations, "celebrating" its 40th anniversary this year, should finally wake up from its slumber and act immediately to put an end to the international hijacking of airplanes with their occupants, and all other forms of terrorism and bombings.

Has the U.N. Security Council met recently to discuss these acts of barbarism and brutality and seek a solution?

May I suggest that the Security Council meet without delay and insist, by resolution, that every member country pledge that it will denounce, discourage and not tolerate any and all acts of terrorism, including hijacking, and will make every effort, together with the cooperation of other member states, to apprehend, arrest, convict and punish the guilty.

Furthermore, an international fund should be established to reward those who help in locating and identifying the culprits.

It is high time that right and good shall prevail over wrong and evil!


Los Angeles

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