I hereby declare Lanny R. Middings the winner of this year's "John Rambo Misguided Notion Award" for the statement that "There is no such thing as a left-wing patriot" (Letters Annex, July 1). Although the year is only half over, it is unlikely that a more inane utterance will be heard unless perhaps Spiro Agnew takes to the podium once again.

If measured by today's standards, this country was founded by a bunch of left-wingers by the names of Franklin, Paine, Jefferson, et al. More recently, leftist patriots such as Joan Baez and Father Berrigan have had the courage to speak out against the improprieties of Viet Nam, the insanity of nuclear armament and various other "leftist delusions."

Perhaps Lanny yearns for the days when such noble patriots as Joseph McCarthy and Richard Nixon were around to show us the "true meaning" of patriotism. If so, I'd like to point out that the proud American eagle would have an impossible time flying with only one wing.


Santa Barbara

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